Wednesday, October 12, 2011

:: personal guard ::

Lately ni,aku agak sibuk.. Sibuk wat apa?errm...aku sibuk belaja ttg insurance...ada life,am,keta dll...Focus kami,adalah product personal guard...apa yg produk ni cover? Cuba tgk kt bwh ni...kalo ada apa2 nk tnya,bleh la emalkan kt aku,atau kita setkn time utk disuss ...

Are you concerned about losing your wallet, purse or handbag?
Do you worry about being robbed while making a withdrawal from the ATM?
Would you fret over suspicious transactions on your credit card bills?
Do you worry if there is an unauthorised withdrawal from your bank account?
Would you be concerned over spending time and money to restore your stolen identity?
If you have answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, you need PERSONAL GUARD!


Identify Theft - To Recover Credit Worthiness / Lost Wages
You will be covered up to RM30,000 for legal fees, other incidental costs and up to RM15,000 for loss of wages incurred by you to resolve the identity fraud.

Identify Theft - Fraudulent Charges
You will be covered up to RM15,000 for any monetary loss suffered by you as a result of identity fraud.

Loss of Cash & Personal Valuables
You will be covered up to RM5,000 for loss of cash & personal valuables due to theft or robbery (lump sum per event)

Medical Reimbursement
You will be covered up to RM10,000 for medical expenses incurred as a result of injury due to snatch theft or robbery.

Accidental Death & Disablement (AD&D)
A lump sum of up to RM100,000 is payable for AD&D. Double indemnity on AD&D will be payable in the event of death and disablement caused by snatch theft or robbery.

ATM Withdrawal Protection
You will be covered on a reimbursement basis up to RM5,000 for loss of cash suffered as a result of theft.

Home Protection
You will be covered up to RM50,000 for loss of or damage to household goods & personal effects as a result of burglary.

Key Replacement
You will be covered up to RM2,000 for the cost of replacing your residence and vehicle keys which are lost or stolen, if your residence or vehicle is broken into, if you are locked out/in of your residence or vehicle due to the loss or theft of your keys and a reasonable cost of a rental car for one day if your vehicle keys are lost or stolen and it will take more then 24 hours to replace them.

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